MadgeTech RFPulse2000A Wireless Data Logger

MadgeTech RFPulse2000A Wireless Data Logger


  • $217.55


The RFPulse2000A is a wireless data logger that records pulse output signals from various sensors such as flow meters and anemometers. When started, the data logger samples at 100Hz and at the user specified reading rate, recording the total number of pulses from the sample to memory. The RFPulse2000A features an LCD screen which provides instant access to the current reading, minimum, maximum and average statistics. Through the software the device can be programmed to convert the pulse output into a different unit of measure such as gallons per minute or miles per hour. This information can be viewed on the LCD screen of the data logger as well as in the software. The RFPulse2000A is unique in that it not only calculates pulse count, but it also calculates pulse rate.


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